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Bike cad 15 won't run/install?

Hi Brent: 


I just downloaded bikecad v.15 and tried to install it. I get an error message - "failed to create JVM". I updated Java and did a few restarts. Still a no go. Interestingly, when I try to unzip and then install the v.15 files, the dialog box reads that bikecad v.13 is trying to install? I am sure it is an error on my part, but would love any help! I am now unable to open bikecad at all without the above message. Thanks, Daniel 

ouch me too....help please!  

ouch me too....help please!


Installing version 15.0

When you say "Me too", I'm not sure if your situation is exactly like Daniel's, or if you're just generally having trouble.

In case you've also updated Java, I should make it clear that when you run BikeCAD on either a PC or on a Mac, you do not need to install Java. BikeCAD has all the resources needed to run built right into it.

Having said that, prior to BikeCAD version 13, you did need to have Java installed. For anyone who prefers that, (you might want the flexibility of choosing your own Java Runtime Environment) I can make available a version of BikeCAD for PC's that is prepared in the same way I used to do it. This method used a utility called SetupStream to place the program on your computer and put an icon on your desktop and/or start menu to point to the program. I have added this option to your download links. The file is called: BikeCADPro_15.0_SetupStream.zip. Remember, you'll need to right click and choose Run as administrator to install it, just as you had to before.

With this option, Daniel is now up and running. I'm still perplexed as to why any part of version 15.0 was getting installed on Daniel's BikeCAD version 13.0 folder. Daniel has said that he's now uninstalled BikeCAD version 13. I would expect that with version 13 uninstalled, he would have no trouble installing the default version of BikeCAD 15.0. However, I don't believe that has been tried yet.

Besides the benefit of not having to have Java installed on your system, the other advantage with the default version of BikeCAD 15.0 is that you can pin the program to your taskbar. Something that can't be done with the SetupStream version.


Hi Brent no I have now fixed

Hi Brent no I have now fixed my issue by rigorously uninstalling all previous copies (down to number 10 I think) and re-starting, running as admin etc.....i.e. doing what I was told.....all good thanks!

Installing version 15.0

I'm glad to hear you got it sorted out. To be clear, it is not necessary to install the default PC version of BikeCAD as an administrator. It is only if you are using the SetupStream version that you need to right click and choose Run as administrator when installing.

Im getting the same 'Failed to create jvm'

Getting Failed to create JVM and failed to load JVM 

Have unistalled 13.5

not trying to run the setupstream version

Have restarted.

No joy...no bikecad....no joy

Any thoughts?

Thank you

Failed to create JVM

So far, I've heard from a few people who have had this issue, but they've all managed to resolve things by uninstalling older versions of BikeCAD. Is there a chance you've got some other versions hidden away on your system?

Failing that, I've added the SetupStream version to your download links. If you'd like to try that, just remember that you need to right click and choose Run as administrator when installing it. You'll also need to have Java installed for the SetupStream version.

Alternatively, we could arrange to speak over the phone, just send me your phone number by email.

Failed to create JVM

I've only just got around to installing v15 on my desktop PC (W 10) & MacBook Air (OS v 10.10.5), both successfully.  But in the first attempt on the PC I tried to instali the 64bit version, and this generated the '"failed to create JVM" problem. So I then tried the 32bit version and it successfully installed (after I allowed it to overwrite one of the files created in the first attempt).  Just thought I'd mention in case thiis is relevant (ie, the differing experience with installing 32 bit v 64 bit - I have to admit that I don't know the difference !).



Can't extract configuration files

Hi Brent,

I tried to install BikeCad Pro 15 on my Mac today (Mac OS Catalina), but it does not work: BikeCad says "Can't extract configuration files".

What can I do?

Thank you very much for your support.

Cheers Johannes

Can't extract configuration files

Whenever you launch BikeCAD Pro, the program will look for a folder called BikeCAD_15.0_configuration which stores various components and preferences. If you are running BikeCAD for the first time, this folder will not exist, so the program will attempt to extract the contents of a zipped folder stored within the program and place these configuration files into your home directory. I'm sorry this operation didn't work properly for you. However, the issue can be resolved by simply downloading and extracting the configuration files from here and placing them in your home directory (or since you've already installed older versions of BikeCAD, wherever your other BikeCAD configuration folders are). The next time you launch the program, BikeCAD will see that you already have this folder and will not attempt to extract the files again.

Let me know if you have any issues.

It works

Thanks, Brent. Everything is working now - great!

Glad to hear it!

I'm pleased to hear that you were able to get the configuration files in place. I'm sorry they didn't extract properly in the first place.

ARRGGHH! I have the same

ARRGGHH! I have the same issue come back to haunt me.......when I try to save or save as, a mini box with the save command in it and a close cross appears in the MIDDLE of my screen, and freezes, can't save, also I ama  klutz but I can't work out how to get an icon on my desk top?

Thanks in advance.


Adding an icon to your Windows 10 start menu

To add an icon to your Windows 10 start menu, see: bikecad.ca/windows_10_start_menu.

I'm sorry to hear you are having more trouble. While the issue might be similar to the situation before, the fact that it is happening as you're running the program seems like a critical difference. With the other problem, you couldn't even launch the program. As I've never heard of this happening before, I can only recommend you try the SetupStream version which I've added to your download links in your account profile.

OK , now I am getting this:

OK , now I am getting this:

SetupStream version

I assume you are trying to use the SetupStream version. While the default versions of BikeCAD Pro for both Mac and PC's do not require that Java be installed, the SetupStream version you are trying does require Java. You can download that from Java.com. Once you have Java installed, your computer should recognize that files with the JAR extension should be opened in Java. Your computer seems to be trying to open the JAR file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

OK sorted now thanks for your

OK sorted now thansk for your patience!

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