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BikeCAD Pro reads as if not the Pro version

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has run into the problem of BikeCAD Pro reading files as if it's not the Pro version, i.e. selecting and modifying certain frame values within a .bcad file is not permitted (greyed out). This happens in some (not all) files every now and then, and will appear seemingly at random. The problem persists through opening and closing the file, and rebooting my computer. I'm running on a Mac. 

P.s. great software

Thanks so much! 

Dimensions greyed out

As you can see in the screen capture below, some dimensions may be greyed out in BikeCAD Pro. In this case, some of the dimensions concerning curved seat tubes are greyed out because the seat tube in this case is not actually curved. If you are seeing dimensions greyed out but don't believe there is any reason for them to be greyed out, please email me the BCAD file for which you are seeing this situation.

Perfect, I'll have a close

Perfect, I'll have a close look and let you know what I see. 


Thanks, Brent

Lock frame feature

It appears that the cause of confusion here is the accidental use of the lock frame feature. The lock frame feature is described at: bikecad.ca/lock_frame.

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