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How to remove imported photo?

I love the "import photo" feature, which places a photo of an existing bike in the background and allows you to recreate the dimensions and angles in BikeCAD on top of the photo. How do you turn off that imported photo image or remove it? Is there a simple check box somewhere to turn the image on and off?

Imported photo

Currently, the display of the imported image is controlled in the Display dialog box. The icon to turn on and off the display of the image is the sixth icon across the top.

Be aware that BikeCAD Pro version 8 is due out at the end of the month. In version 8 the image control icon will be moved to the top of the main BikeCAD window.

Imported photo

Thanks! I knew it had to be somewhere.

I've also now found that you can replace the imported photo by simply importing a different photo. I don't know how to "un-import" a photo (i.e., remove the imported photo or it's linkage from the file), but it's not a big deal and turning off the display of the photo essentially accomplishes the same end result.

Removing photo

You are correct that turning off the display of the photo is all that you really need to do. It causes no harm to retain a connection to the imported image. There is actually no way at the present time to un-import the photo. However, I have just added this option to the next release of BikeCAD Pro. The option will be available in File >> Remove photo.

I did not know that back in

I did not know that back in the day so I created a 1x1px file and imported it over the previous one :) You can't see that pixel and you get rid of the previous photo haha :)

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