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Invalid Key message when saving

Hello Brent,

awesome tool you have made. I've taking up fiddling with bike geometry again but runnig into a problem.


When I try to save a design online I made with the free version, it says Invalid key (with a time stamp). I'm not sure what's going wrong (I am logged in). Few years back I was able to do this just fine.


Any help much appreciated.




Key for saving online

Your key should be found at: bikecad.ca/bikecad_pro_key as described at: bikecad.ca/opening_and_saving_online. Assuming you are using the key listed on that page, could you e-mail me the key so I can investigate?

THanks Brent,

THanks Brent,


strange thing is I'm using the free version, if I understand correctly the above is for pro users. I used to be able to safe the designs, but now I get this error message.

Key for saving online

Sorry, I assumed from the error message that you were using the Pro version. That is definitely strange that you're seeing it in the free version. I just opened one of your designs in the free version and saved it without making any changes. I didn't get any error messages. I'm sorry I don't have any ideas about why this might be happening. I hope if anyone else encounters this, that they will let me know.

Invalid Key message when saving

Hi Brent,

got the same problem as well.

how can we fix this. thanks

Invalid key

As long as you are logged in when saving designs online from within the free version of BikeCAD, BikeCAD will know to associate your saved design with your account. However, when saving from within BikeCAD Pro, you are not logged into any web site. Therefore it is necessary to use a key to associate your saved design with your account on BikeCAD.ca. It is perplexing that anyone could be getting this message through the free version, though stranger things have happened. Would you be able to post or send me a screen capture of this message?

I'm getting the same. is

I'm getting the same. is there a fix?

Invalid key when using free version

I don't know why this message would be appearing in the free version. I noticed you saved a design on Saturday. Are you trying to make modifications to that design and save it? Again, it would be great to see a screen capture of this message. Also, I'd be curious to know if you have any trouble saving a design after having made no changes to it.

Hoping to get this resolved soon.

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