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Axle and dropout aren't lining up

My rear axle and dropout don't appear to be matching up. The front and rear axle are level; it's just the dropout that appears to be several mm too high.

The dropout here is a Paragon X-12 but the problem is the same with other standard dropouts.

Has anyone else experienced this or got ideas for a workaround? Thanks!

Axle and dropout

For track style dropouts there is a dimension (Z) that will allow one to model how far into the slot the axle is located. For more on this, see: bikecad.ca/track_and_sliding_dropouts .

In the case of a thru-axle dropout there is no reason to use this dimension. However, it is still there in the dialog box. I left it there on purpose thinking it might be handy just to temporarily move the dropout out of the way. Unfortunately, it looks like this has only caused confusion in this case.

That's done it - thanks Brent

That's done it - thanks Brent.

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