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When attempting to instal the latest version I'm getting a 'Failed to create JVM' error message, followed by a 'Failed to launch JVM' message.



Installing new version

While there theoretically shouldn't be a problem installing a new version of BikeCAD Pro when an older version is still in place, some users have encountered this error message when older versions are still installed. I have yet to figure out why this sometimes happens. Please try uninstalling older versions and seeing how you get along.

An alternative solution which I believe you have done in the past, is to install the version of BikeCAD Pro that was distributed with the SetupStream installer. Like some other users that have opted for this approach, you have this version in your download links listed as: BikeCADPro_17.0_SetupStream.zip. The special steps you need to follow when using this version is to extract the EXE file first and then right click on that file and choose Run as administrator. While the normal version of BikeCAD Pro does not require that you have Java installed, you willl need to install Java in order to run the SetupStream version.



For whatever reason, during my installation attempts (3 at this time) I noticed during the files loading it is saying ......\local\BikeCad Pro 13.0\run  .....

is this something that may be the root cause of my lack of installation?



Uninstall old versions

Yes, I've seen that happen before and I don't understand why it would happen. However, the solution should be to uninstall version 13. Feel free to give me a call if you'd like me to walk you through any of this.

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