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Inputting disc side dropouts

Hey Brent,

I want to put the Nova Shimano Flat Mount Rear Dropout Kit onto my bike in bikecad. However I only see an option to put the modular drive side and I dont know how to place the disc side and don't really know where to start. This is an image of the dropout kit.

Here's an image of my bike's dropouts after exporting to freecad:

 I want to have it look more like the bike you modeled in your video here:

 I hope that makes sense, thanks for your help!

Nova Shimano Flat Mount Rear Dropout Kit

The dropout in the video you reference is the Paragon DR2088 dropout. Paragon makes most of their dropouts available as 3D STEP files. This is how I manage to include them in BikeCAD. Unfortunately, I do not have access to any drawings or models of the Nova Shimano Flat Mount Rear Dropout Kit. If anyone can share this with me, I'm happy to add it to BikeCAD. In the meantime, if you have these parts in your possession, you can measure the dropouts themselves in order to determine appropriate values for the dimensions defining the end points of the chain stays and seat stays (Cx, Cy, Cz, Sx, Sy, and Sz). You should also select the Asymmetric option in the Chain stay dialog box. This will allow you to set values for the drive side chain stays (Cx, Cy and Cz) but also the non-drive side chain stays (C2x, C2y and C2z) which is perhaps the most import information needed about the dropouts.

Thank you, fortunately I do

Thank you, fortunately I do have the dropouts in my possesion. I will attempt to input the information, thank you so much!

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