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Single Use or Home user License?

Is there a way to use standover height as a single use license? I dont need any other features, just trying to model a single bicycle.  Would also be happy with a 30 day license maybe?

Single use license

Although I don't have a time limited option for BikeCAD Pro, I do recognize that some people are not in a position to justify the full cost of the program. For these cases, I'm happy to offer coupon codes so that everyone who needs the program can use it in the capacity that they require. I'll reach out to you with an email, but I hope anyone else in your position will also get in touch with me.

Single Use Coupon

Hi, I cant get the free java version to run, and I'm interested in a single-use non-commercial price to install the pro version. Bikes are just a hobby, and I'm in the process of designing a frame to be built by Waltly in China.

Single use coupon

I've just sent you a message. My goal is to find a price that works for each individual user.

Hi Brent. I'm Kevin from

Hi Brent. I'm Kevin from Taiwan.

I also need a single use coupon for my first frame building course project. I really appreciate the free software very much but find some essential function only available in the paid version. If you can have a subscription solution will be great since it will lower the threshold very much.

Coupon code

Thanks for the note Kevin. I've sent you an email.

Thanks Brent, I have order it

Thanks Brent, I have order it. Appreciate for your kindness.

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