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Error Messages

I get error messages when I try to choose standard as an option when picking wheels. Any idea why?

Standard wheels in Quick Start

While there are three main ways to launch the BikeCAD applet, the Quick Start option was a hasty addition to address an issue that some people had in trying to launch the applet from the Design Archive or from an uploaded file. It was believed that the extra time required to load standard parts like wheels and handlebars into the applet was causing Java to quit before the applet was fully loaded. The Quick Start option launches BikeCAD without any standard wheels. That's why you're seeing the message when you attempt to see the standard wheels library.

In the next update of the program, I expect to change things so that standard components can be loaded into the applet more efficiently. In that case, standard components should always be available regardless of how you launch the applet. Stay tuned for that...

Quick Start

When the Quick Start menu option was first introduced, it did not include access to all the standard components that were available if BikeCAD were launched from the Design Archive. However, as of version 8.0 the Quick Start option provides all the same functionality that is available when BikeCAD is launched from anywhere else. The only difference is the Quick Start option always starts with the same default road bike.

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