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BikeCAD not opening folders

Hi there, 


I am running bikecad pro 18 and when I search open design from bikecad file, it doesn't allow me to open folders. I never had this issue with my apple laptop, but with the mac it's been an issue since the begining and I'm fed up with it now. Sometimes it opens and sometimes it doesn't. I have to try to open it, come out, go back in and try to open it, then go back in and then eventually, sometimes it will open. I'm running 2022 apple M1 MAX and bikecad 18. Any help appreciated. I would habe thought bugs would have been ironed out by now. 




Opening folders on Mac

I'm sorry to hear about these troubles. I think the best solution here is to move on to version 20.6. I'm not sure if you are aware, but as a BikeCAD Pro customer, you are always entitled to the latest version of the program. I'll email you to point out the URL for your download links.

Looking forward to getting you set up again.

Hi Brent, 

Hi Brent, 


Thanks for this. Hopefully 20 will fix the folder problem. Tbh, I don't really need the updates as far as I can see, but is there not an email sent out to users when a new one is available? Also, is there a sticky anywhere on how to transfer all your data to the new version? This is mainly why I don't update, becuase i can never remeber how to do it. 




Learning about new versions

When new versions are released, I announce the development on social media. I also send out an email through the BikeCAD Pro updates Google Group. Let me know if you need help getting added to that group.

I've got a few videos about updating to new versions of BikeCAD Pro. Let me know if you have any questions.





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