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Make easier templates usage

Hi Brent,

I have two suggestions to make easier the usage of the templates.

The first one is really easy : Could you sort the templates by names in the menu ! plz :)

The second one is less easy but could be really useful : create multi-templates. The idea is to have a multi-template which open two to more other templates.
I often use the same Dimension template with the same Display template, and more...

Thanks a lot !

Easier template usage

Thanks for the suggestion about templates. On my PC, templates always get ordered alphabetically. I hadn't realized that it isn't that way on all operating systems. I've added some code to ensure that the templates are ordered alphabetically on all operating systems. This will take effect in the next update.

I'll consider your idea for combined templates. In the meantime, I've put together a video tutorial describing some existing options. Let me know how these options suit your needs. Atlhough this functionality has been available for a long time, the templates were listed in between the two top toolbars. In the next update, templates will appear below both toolbars as shown in the video.

Thanks for the sorting ! I'm

Thanks for the sorting ! I'm waiting for the next update !

The options are awesome, not totally suits my need but really speed and facilitate the process !

A fun bug : the dimensions are drawn in the background of the bar. A screen capture of the bug is attached.


Template menus

Thanks for pointing that out. This won't happen in the next update when the menus will be below both toolbars.

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