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Seatstay compound miter


I just noticed in the seatstay auxillery views of my current bicycle project that the seatstays seem to overlap at the junction between the two seat stays and the seat tube. I am wondering if bikeCad is already equipped to model a miter like this. I am also wondering if overlap of the seatstays is advisable in a bike design, as it seems few of the bikes I have have such a feature. I suppose the seat stay junction could be widened at the top tube, but I am trying to ensure the angles at the dropouts remains 9 degrees, and since this is my first frame I am also trying to avoid having to bend any tubes.

Thanks for your help

Seatstay compound miter

Currently, BikeCAD doesn't work out miter profiles for seat stays intersecting seatstays. However, on the bright side, assuming your stays are symmetric, this miter can be achieved with a flat file. You could file down both stays or just one and let the other tuck inside the mitered stay.

Meanwhile, I took a sample road bike with fairly short stays which is going to be the worst case scenario and tweaked the miter attachment point to avoid interference between the stays and it only changed the angle of the stays by 0.4 degrees. It would likely be worth sticking your rear dropout into your stay and seeing how much play you can in terms of the attachment angle. I suspect this 0.4 degrees would be fairly easy to make up.

Mitering stays

Just wondering, does bikeCAD

Just wondering, does bikeCAD also warn you if there is intersection between the chainstays and the seat tube?

Chainstay and seat tube intersection

It doesn't, but that's the sort of thing that is made evident when you export your model to FreeCAD.

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