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Where do I download the trial version?

I have looked all over this site. I just want to try this out. I have a mac and I have downloded and .exe and looked at Quick Start but That does not work. Maybe I need a java component. Where should I go?

Trial version of BikeCAD

The free version of BikeCAD runs as a Java applet inside your web browser. Although the free version does not include all the functionality available in BikeCAD Pro it is still the closest thing to a "Trial version" of BikeCAD Pro.

Because the free version is an applet, it should run automatically in your browser. You can launch it by any of the methods described at: bikecad.ca/launching. In order for it to run, you will need Java to be installed and enabled in your browser. You can check whether or not you have the required version of Java by visiting: bikecad.ca/java_test.


Hi - I was just about to post to ask the same. Just an idea, but if there was a link on the homepage (to launch the applet) and to the pro version, it would be really easy for new visitors to find both. I certainly couldn't - I had clicked the cleverly camouflaged 'Download now' button not spotting it was an Ad which then tries to install loads of um, unwanted software. Great, looking forward to having a go...


I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble navigating the site. I've pasted a screen capture from the top of the site and added red arrows to highlight where you can find the link to launch BikeCAD or to purchase BikeCAD Pro.

BikeCAD.ca menu

There are actually many more ways you can launch the free version of BikeCAD. They are all described here.

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