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seatpost insertion

I may be imagining it but I thought there was a dimension showing the amount of seatpost inserted into the frame? I'm not sure if this was something lost in an update and I've missed it. I know it can be calculated from seatpost length and seatpost exposed but having the actual dimension would be handy

I am on version 8.0 if that makes any difference (is this the most up to date?)


Seatpost insertion

BikeCAD Pro will display the overall length of the seatpost and the length of seatpost exposed. The length of seatpost inserted into the frame has actually never been included as a standard dimension. This is a good idea though. I will try to include it in the next update.

The current version of BikeCAD is actually version 8.1.

is there a way of seeing

is there a way of seeing where the base of the seatpost is?


Seeing parts hidden behind other parts

The leader line on the dimension for overall seatpost length will end at the bottom edge of the seatpost. So that's one way to get a sense of where the seatpost ends. However, to actually see the section of seatpost that is hidden inside the frame, you'll just need to choose a different display mode as described at: bikecad.ca/display_modes.

Seatpost insertion

The Length of seatpost inserted dimension has been added to BikeCAD version 9.0.

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