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Mac and Java 7

I was using Google Chrome with Bikecad without issue. But Chrome does not support 64 bit Java.

Issues with Java 7 and Safari and Firefox:

Firefox loads no problem. Safari plugin fails repeatedly. When it does load I have problem with Safari and Firefox:

Once loaded text fields for changing dimensions don't work. Arrow keys work (like for head tube angle) but can't edit text fields.

Mac and Java 7

You are correct that Google Chrome for Mac currently does not support 64 bit Java. I hope that Google will come out with a 64 bit version soon. In the meantime, I'm glad to hear that BikeCAD runs reliably on Firefox.

It sounds like the issue you are having with changing dimensions should be resolved if you just remember to hit the enter key after changing a dimension.

The free version of BikeCAD runs as a Java applet inside your browser. BikeCAD Pro runs as a standalone Java application. Because BikeCAD Pro does not need to run inside a browser, it launches much more quickly and is not affected by the specifications of any browser.

Not able to type into text

Not able to type into text fields in either Firefox or Safari. Only arrow keys work to change text in .5 increment. Most text fields have no arrow keys so can't alter any dimensions.

Changing values in text fields

I'm sorry if this seems really patronizing, but I trust that you are moving the mouse cursor over the text field and then clicking the mouse button to get a cursor in the text field. Once you have a cursor in the text field, you should be able to delete the existing dimension value and type in a new value. You should also be able to do this in the head angle and seat angle fields which should allow you to enter any angle you like, not just values in increments of 0.5.

If you are in fact doing this and still not able to type in the text fields, I can only assume that something in your system settings is imposing some very tight restrictions on how you are allowed to interact with Java applets.

Yes I'm placing cursor in

Yes I'm placing cursor in text fields.

I loaded Java 6 on my wife's MAC which is still on OS 10.5.8 and bikecad loads instantly and works flawlessly in Safari.

I've re-installed Java 7 and have not set any special settings (other then to enable Java). Only difference between Firefox and Safari is that it takes multiple tries to open in bikecad in Safari. But both have the non functioning text fields. I'll give it a try on someone elses MAC that has Java 7 and see if result is different.

Just tried again in Safari

Just tried again in Safari and everything is working. Still takes a few reloads to get opened in Safari but everything works fine. Something must have reset when I rebooted this AM.

Persistence pays off!

Awesome! I'm glad to hear your persistence has paid off.

plugin faliure

i just logged on for the first time but the quick start wont work at all. every time i click it all i get is plugin failure. please help!!!!




also i am uing a mac book with safari.

Using free version

I trust you have Java downloaded and installed and enabled in your web browser. If things are still not working, you may find the info at bikecad.ca/damaged_file applicable to you as well.

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