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Adding Color lines to the frame

I am trying to add lines to the bike frame...basically, they are intersecting lines that form a grid on the bike and I can't figure out how to draw them on the frame. They should be both vertical and horizontal lines of different colors. Any help would be great.



Showing a grid

I'm not sure what you mean by this.  It sounds as though you'd like to have a grid overlayed on top of your design.  However, I don't understand the significance of the different colours.

Because it was easy for me to do, I just added a grid image to the list of available images that can be used in conjunction with colours as described at: bikecad.ca/configuring_paint_palettes.

Admittedly, a vector based grid with a specific grid spacing would be better than the bitmap image in the model shown below.  However, this is not currently an option.

One existing feature that is somewhat related to this idea is the option to display crosshairs.  You can turn on crosshairs in BikeCAD Pro using the Display dialog box.

You can see this model at: bikecad.ca/1359386162701

I wanted to add lines like

I wanted to add lines like this, i ended up using microsoft paint to add the lines, but it doesn't look as good: 


I'm sorry.  There is currently no simple way to add stripes like that to your frame.  Here are two alternatives that were simple to create using images available in the paint palettes.

The first uses that grid image on the frame instead of the background.

The other uses the zebra print image.

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