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Hub Gears

I am trying to design a hub gear setup with a flange dia. of 105mm. Entering 105 in the appropriate field does not translate to the drawing. Also I cannot remove the derailleur from the chain so that it shows a single sprocket.

Help please?

Hub Gears

I took a look at your model and while you did increase the non-drive side flange diameter to 105mm (D2), you did not also increase the non-drive side spoke hole diameter (E2). You should increase E2 if you wish the spokes to move. Also, be aware that the drive side flange is controlled in a similar way (dimension D and E).

To remove the derailleur hanger, uncheck the derailleur hanger check box in the rear dropouts dialog box For more info see: bikecad.ca/chain_or_belt_drive. While you're there, you may also wish to switch to horizontal dropouts. For more info, see: bikecad.ca/dropout_slot_angle and bikecad.ca/track_and_sliding_dropouts.

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