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Tapered Steerers

Is there any way to model a tapered head tube in Bikecad Pro? I can see how to create a "stepped" variable diameter head tube but is not obvious to me how to model a head tube that has a constant taper from the top to bottom? An example of what I am refering to can be found here: http://www.paragonmachineworks.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=HT2055



Tapered head tube

I admit that it would be more elegant to have a specific option for tapered head tubes. I should add that to the next update of BikeCAD. In the meantime, here's a screen capture of a head tube I've modeled after the 105mm Paragon tapered head tube.

To model this, I chose the Front center option in the Primary dimensions tab. This allowed me to directly input a head tube length of 105mm. The rest of the dimensions are shown below. What isn't so slick about this is I had to calculate a value for B. However, because you can enter mathematical expressions, I was able to type the following into the input field for B: 105-13.8*2 to get 77.4mm.

Tapered head tube
Tapered head tube

Tapered head tubes are now an option as of BikeCAD version 11.5.

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