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Showing disc tabs w/o the brakes

I need to show a design with cantilever brakes showing, and having disc tabs but w/o the actual disc brakes/calipers/rotors visible.

Right now when I turn on any brakes it shows the bike with both Canti's and disc not either or.

Currently I am not showing any actual brakes just the Canti studs and the disc tab.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and awesome program keep it up!


Showing disc tabs and canti bosses with canti brakes showing

You are correct. You can show disc tabs with or without the disc brakes showing. You can show cantilever bosses with or without the cantilever brakes showing. You can show disc tabs and cantilever bosses on a single frame without the brakes showing. However, if you turn on the display of brakes and both types of brakes are included then both cantilever and disc brakes will appear.

I will try to change things so that the tabs and the bosses can both be included but with only one type of brake showing. Watch for that in a future update.

Showing disc tabs and canti bosses with only one type installed

This scenario has been addressed in BikeCAD version 10.5. Now, if you have both disc brakes and cantilever brakes turned on, you will have an additional eyeball icon in each brake type. You can now have the brake type turned on in order to show the requisite disc tab or cantilever boss. However, at the same time, you can turn off the eyeball icon so that particular type of brake will not be installed. The image below is an example showing a bike with both disc tabs and cantilever bosses. Note that the cantilever brake is currently not installed but the disc brake is. Similarly, you could show the cantilever brake installed and the disc brake uninstalled.


Showing both canti studs and disc is now broken in v.12.5 I think. Any chance of getting it back? 

Showing canti studs and disc

I have attempted to configure a model in BikeCAD version 12.5 that does not work as intended, but I have not been able to find any indication of anything being broken. Could you please send me a BCAD file that illustrates this issue?

I'll do one and send it to

I'll do one and send it to you. Might be something I'm doing wrong. 

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