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File Access from iCloud Drive or NAS

After a pretty rough week in which the logic board in my laptop suddenly quit, the fusion drive on my desktop quit and a drive failure in my NAS which corrupted the whole system, I'm ready to start paying for cloud services to ensure better data stability in worst case scenarios like this.

Currently, when I try to open a file in BikeCAD, I only see local options.  Is there a setting that allows me to access everything I can see in my Finder window?  Specifically, I'd like to be able to use iCloud Drive as my central repository and barring that, my NAS.  

File access from iCloud Drive or NAS

At the moment, I'm lacking the resources to test this out myself, but I know others have done it. What I would recommend trying is linking one of your local folders to iCloud. You can do that kind of thing with Dropbox and I think this link may be of some help in doing it with iCloud as well: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/270227/how-to-sync-an-additional-folder-to-icloud-drive-similar-to-how-macos-sierra-doe. Once you've got a local folder that will automatically backup to the cloud you should be able to access it just like any other local folder, but with some peace of mind knowing that your files will be backed up.

Another alternative is to save your models to your account on BikeCAD.ca as described at: bikecad.ca/opening_and_saving_online.

Thanks Brent.  I'll try that

Thanks Brent.  I'll try that today.

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