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Miter templates

I've started using the miter templates lately and have noticed that all of them don't actually wrap the tube fully. There is always a gap either on the underside or top of the tube. I have also noticed that some reference the Top and some reference the Bottom in the middle of the template cut out. 


Is there a way to allow them to all be set to start at the top of the tube rather then the bottom?


Also, when using the CS miter template, the reference lines (at 90 and 270) aren't actually at 90 or 270. They are off quite a bit. I did this after mitering the CS's in my fixture on the mill and tested the miter template against the actual cuts. 


How can this be corrected?





Miter templates (don't scale prints)

By default Adobe Reader will scale PDF's to fit within the margins of a sheet of paper. You must ensure that this scaling does not occur. This is discussed at: bikecad.ca/do_not_scale_miter_templates.

As for setting the miter templates all to start at the top, this is the first time I've had this request. I'll investigate making this change for a future update.

I am also not aware of the 90 or 270° lines being off. I wonder if this could be related to the scaling issue discussed above. If you think it is more than that, I would appreicate if you could send me a copy of your BCAD file, so I can investigate.

Thank you Brent. I'll check

Thank you Brent. I'll check out the scaling issue you mentioned and I can play with it a bit. I can certainly send you the BCAD file if needed. 

Just to add something

Just to add something regarding the templates. The SS and DT miters have the TOP in the center of the miter template whereas the TT template has BOTTOM in the miter template center. The CS and ST reference the NDS at center. For me personally, I scribe the tops and bottoms of almost all my tubes and the top or front face of the ST. Having the template start from the top or forward facing scribe line is super easy. 

Thanks again Brent. 


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