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Chainstay flatmount template placing


is it possible to get some clue from bikecad pro where to place mitering template for left chainstay with this flatmont dimple?

To arange right disance from axle for 160mm rotors. 

And also what is the best dim to use for templates of seatstay/ chainstay overall. I did not find any kind of "miter to miter tip".

I'm beginner in BC

Thank you



Flatmount placement

BikeCAD does not produce a miter template for the back end of the chainstays. I assume you are using hooded dropouts. If you were using socket dropouts, you would not need a template. If you were using plate style dropouts, you would slot the rear ends of the stays. It is for the hooded dropouts that I regret the lack of templates. BikeCAD will show the distance along the edge of the chainstays as shown below.

However, be aware that these dimensions E1 and E2 go to the unmitered ends of the stays. If you use the hidden line display, you can get a sense of how much the dropouts overlap the stays at this point. You can create a user dimension to get a more exact measurement.

As for the flat mount, you can select the Generic rear flat mount option as shown in the first image to show where your flat mount should be placed. Ultimately, when it comes to brazing this piece in place, I would recommend a fixture such as this one by Incepi: incepi.net/collections/disc-mount-fixtures/products/copy-of-post-mount-disc-brake-fixture.

For additional info, you could import your model into FreeCAD. As you can see below, hooded dropouts in FreeCAD will actually carve out the stays so you can reference this model for your miters.

FreeCAD hooded dropout miters
Thank you Brent.

Thank you Brent.

I'm using Paragon DR1095. 

I can get model to rhino from freecad and get templates there. I try to avoid of mill completely.

Thank you


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