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How to change tires on a road bike


I'd like to make my road bike design look more like a gravel bike. How can i change the tires so they look more like gnarly gravel tires?


Also, I find it difficult to find related stuff in the how to listing. Even when I use the search (in this case I typed "tires", i often don't find what I am looking for. Just letting you know.



Changing tire size

The first thing that is probably worth pointing out is that there are a lot of standard wheels built into BikeCAD, so perhaps you'll just want to select from one of these Standard wheels as shown below:

However, you can also directly control your own wheel specs in the Custom wheels section. The key dimensions you'll want to change when switching tires is the Diameter and width input fields.

After setting the diameter and width of the tire, you can also play with the tire profile as described at: bikecad.ca/tire_profile.

You may find the help resources organized a little better at: bikecad.ca/user_guide.


Thanks Brent will try it out

Thanks Brent will try it out

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