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Static Dropouts

Hey Brent,

There's some stuff in BikeCAD that I will just never use (e.g. Campy Cranks from the dropdown or 20x1.75" mag wheels) in BikeCAD. You've made it pretty easy to remove these by going to View > Customize > Manage Components and Templates. That's super awesome and helpful for a cluttered brain. 

I was hoping to do the same thing with the static drawing dropouts but I'm unable to figure this one out. Is there a way?   BikeCAD Version 18. MacOS 12.6


Managing static drawings

The list of static drawings cannot be editted. However, notice that just as you have the option to save standard cranks and other components, you have the option to save standard dropouts as well. I would go through the list of standard dropouts and remove the ones you don't care for. Then I would suggest picking any number of static drawings and saving them to your list of standard dropouts. That way, you will only be listing the ones you want to use and nothing else. Note that when you select from the list of static drawings for dropouts, each dropout will have a set of coordinates defining the ends of the seat stays and chainstays (Cx, Cy, Cz, Sx, Sy, and Sz). These coordinates will be appropriate for any dropout selected. However, you can still tweak these coordinates to suit your personal preferences, This is important because with hooded dropouts, there are often several possible positions around the hood where you could attach the stays. With plate style dropouts, there is often some flexibility with how much you might want to have the stays overlapping the plate dropout. When you save static drawings to your list of standard dropouts, values for Cx, Cy, Cz, Sx, Sy, and Sz which define the end points of the stays will be saved with the dropout and cannot be editted when selected from your list of standard dropouts.

Thanks Brent! That's a great

Thanks Brent! That's a great suggestion!

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