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Rotating the frame in the fixture - dimensions adjustment

Hello, I am working on a bicycle with 16" wheels and have just realised that I will have to work around some limitations in my TBA LCFFixture - the highest possible BB rise and lowest possible bottom of the HT (that would be the Henry James Y dimension I think). I will have to rotate the frame forward in the fixture, see what fits and calculate the adjusted dimensions for the fixture.

I can visualize that or make the calculations in another software, but I was wondering if I am not missing something in BikeCAD itself.

Rotating frame in fixture

Although this functionality was not implemented with this particular scenario in mind, it should still work. You can rotate the frame by clicking the lock frame icon and either lengthening the fork to rotate the frame counterclockwise or shortening the fork to rotate the frame clockwise. For more, see: bikecad.ca/lock_frame.

Oh, of course BikeCAD can do

Oh, of course BikeCAD can do that :) Thanks a lot.

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