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UDH Dropouts e.g. from Metalguru

Hi Brent,

I'm not sure if there is already a topic about UDH dropouts or if you already planned to integrate it in the next version of Bikecad, however I haven't found one entry.


For me it would be really nice to have an option to integrate UDH dropouts in bikecad for my next builds, for example from metalguru or praragon machine works. Do you have already something in the queue?




Kobel Cycles :-)

UDH dropouts

Yes, the next update of BikeCAD will feature several UDH dropouts. For now, the list includes dropouts from:

  • Acoustic Cycles
  • Albatross Bikes
  • Allotec C82 (Metal Guru)
  • Lichen Precision
  • ORA Engineering
  • Paragon Machine Works DR0103
  • Paragon Machine Works DR2073
  • Rizzo

I'm sorry this update has been so delayed, but I'm getting close to releasing it. Please send any last minute dropout, yoke or logo designs for inclusion soon as I do hope to have this out in the next couple weeks.


Awesome! Thank you very much

Awesome! Thank you very much for all the effort your putting in.

Already stoked on the new update.

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