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"Lugs with Panel" panel position

If i am to use the graphics application, i'll need to manipulate the position of the panel.  At some point this was easy or automatic, but somewhere in the updates, the feature was lost or moved and I am now unable to position the panels. And my old designs no longer display correctly-the panels run over the headtube and i can find no way to drag them back.


I need to center them on the tubes or even better, be able to slide them toward the bottom bracket.


Thanks In Advance.

Panel position

I've attached a screen capture of the Paint dialog box.  I've circled in red the checkbox that allows you to turn on or off the display of the down tube panel.  Below that check box are dimensions A, B, C, and D which allow you to control the size of the panel and the bands on either side.  Note that you can independantly control the display of the panel on the down tube, seat tube and top tube. The location of the panel is related to the position of the decal which is discussed at: bikecad.ca/changing_logos.  For more on paint schemes see: bikecad.ca/paint

Yes, I've twiddled with that

Yes, I've twiddled with that box quite a bit.  But it won't move the panel.  when "oversized" it pushes the panel out over the headtube and never back towards the bottom bracket.

I think it might be related to the bottle cage bolts being visible.  I've moved them, as they are moveable WRT bottom bracket. 

The controls above are dimensional, but not positional-as far as I can massage them.  I've monkeyed with each one trying to find what is driving the position.  My old designs now have screwed up panels.  I just checked this went wonky on my as far back as 8.1, such that my lettering runs off the panel and under the lug.  It wasn't always this way as I have printed that basic design from earlier BikeCads with perfect panels. 

Yes, it's just a graphics thing, and BikeCad, to me, is not about graphics.  But i thought I'd let you know.




I kept messing and realized that the TEXT wasn't going to move no matter what.  Then found the TEXT boxes and found POSITIONAL controls in there.  Specifically ">T"


That makes it work.  Thanks Brent.


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