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A few additions I would like to see

Hey Brent,

A couple small things I would love to see:

1. A way of customizing cranks based on chainline. In otherwords have chainring placement described as afunction of distance from centre line rather than the current working backwards in several steps from Q factor, crank thickness etc. 

2. Allow for colour option on seatpost head (top clamp)

3. Any thoughts on allowing for seatmasts? My current work around is to make the "seatpost" wider than the seat-tube so I can get my measurements as needed. only problem is that the Seatpost still appears behind the seat-tube. Can leave everything as is but allow for the "seatpost" to appear in front of the seat-tube and therefor becom a mast.

4. Assuming disc brake options are coming..............

5. Machined sidewalls on Rims! An extra colour option to show this.

6. Is there a way to do pinstripes in paint schemes? All my MTBs have a stripe or stripes running along the toptube and into the seatstays. 


Can't wait to see what you have done with 10.0



Seat mast





Considering the seat mast, I worked out something like this





Hi Sam,

I was able to address all of these requests with the exception of the pinstriping.

Defining cranks based on chainline is discussed at the end of this video: bikecad.ca/stays_auxiliary_view.

While Dmitry had a neat approach to modeling a seatmast.  We now have the option to specifically define one.  For more, see: bikecad.ca/seatmast.

Disc brakes have been included as well.  I trust you'll find them fairly easy to apply.  One thing that may not be obvious: if you want to shift the disc brake tab from the seat stays to the chain stays, just change the ∠1 dimension to something like -15°.  If you'd like the disc brake tab to be integrated with the rear dropout, then just change the Cx, Cy, Sx, Sy dimensions in the rear dropouts dialog box to some larger value such that the dropouts are big enough to incorporate the disc tab.

You can now specify a unique colour for machined sidewalls on the rims as well as the clamp at the top of the seatpost.  It will now be a lot easier to select colours for these items with the improvements in ease of use.

Let me know if you have any questions about version 10.

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