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What am i doing wrong ?

I tried the free version many years ago and I seem to remember there was a table where I would enter frame dimensions and from there I could derive tube cutting lengths, and front-centres. This version ? I can't figger out where the hell I do the simple design dimension inputs. The quick start puts me into a picture of a bike, and then I can get to a list of dimensions, but what then ?

Is there a "BikeCad for Dummies" book available for chowderheads like myself ?


Perhaps Java issues ?

I'm wondering if Java is misbehaving ? I'm on a mac with mozilla. Downloaded Java, but I'm wondering if there might be a problem with the compatibilities ?

I did manage to open one of the archived designs. Somehow I got a dimension template like the early version I remember.  Was able to change a few dimensions, and remembered to hit "enter" for each input.

But I can't seem to find how I reach the other templates for fork dims, tube dims, etc. 

And the screen picture was overwriting the new dims on top of the old dims. 




BikeCAD for Dummies

I'd recommend having a look at the video at: bikecad.ca/welcome for a quick overview.  If you want to change a component like the fork, just look for the fork icon in the top row of icons.  There's a screen capture here.

Thanks !

Yeah, went over the video. After much playing with I think I think that maybe I expected the free version to do too much. I wanted to draft a 2-d road frame in order to get the miter lengths for the top and down tubes.  Am I correct that I need the full Pro version to do this ?

Miter lengths

You are correct.  BikeCAD Pro is required for determining miter lengths.

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