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BikeCAD Pro version 10

I just installed version 10 and when I try to open it I get a message that it is damaged and can't be opened. Any advice?




Forgot. I'm using a Mac.

Forgot. I'm using a Mac.

Damaged file

There is an explanation for this issue at BikeCAD.ca/damaged_file.

This is all wrong!

Hello, I'm new to BikeCAD, and a Mac user. I've checked the damaged_file link and I don't agree that Apple only allow downloads from "a very limited set of sites". Apple have responded to security issues and have a mechanism called Gatekeeper [http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5290] that is designed to give end users confidence that the software is supplied by a reputable source. I don't recall the behaviour of Gatekeeper in previous versions (because I've never changed the default) but in 10.9 Mavericks the options do not include the ability to trust a specific site. So by not following the simple Developer ID [https://developer.apple.com/developer-id/] and Gatekeeper [https://developer.apple.com/osx/distribution/#outside] policies, you are forcing me to make my Mac insecure! It is not unreasonable to expect you to establish developer credentials with Apple, to give customers confidence.

As it is, I am not willing to permit any source to run apps, so my only choice is to script the launch of your application, which I've wrapped with Platypus to give me an executable.

BikeCAD is a clearly a great piece of software, shame that for Mac users, we are expected to expose our systems to malware, at the expense of some trivial development settings. Fix the problem, don't suggest insecure workarounds...


Working to make it right

Thanks for your feedback. I have just updated the damaged file instructions with a note that you can restore gatekeeper's original settings after having installed BikeCAD Pro. I regret that I don't have anything more to show after having spent the better part of today reading over "the simple Developer ID and Gatekeeper policies". However, the annual Apple Developer fee has been paid and I'm just sorting out the best way to make this happen.

In my defence, the first Mac specific version of BikeCAD Pro was prepared using Apple's own recommendations for bundling a Java program using Jar Bundler. This worked very well and I've continued to follow the same steps with all subsequent updates of BikeCAD Pro. When first confronted with the Damaged file message I was a little put off by the obviously false statement. Here's a program that has been working perfectly well for months, but suddenly with Mac OS X 10.8 the file is damaged and should be moved to the trash? Wait, you can turn off Gatekeeper and now the file isn't damaged anymore? I was convinced that this would not stick. But alas, the current Mac OS is 10.9 and Apple isn't changing its stance. I guess this is my problem after all.

Nice to see a solid, and

Nice to see a solid, and rapid reply Brent. I should probably apologise for the lack of punctuation, the "simple" was supposed to be linked to the Developer ID, not necessarily the Gatekeeper policies :)

Looking forward to a new release when you're ready.

Cheers - Robert...

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