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How do you enter the axle-to-crown measurement in BikeCAD?

I can't find the axle-to-crown measurement listed in BikeCAD. This is key to communicating my design to the builder because I am wanting to use an after-market fork. Since the builder isn't building the fork, he would need to take into account the axle-to-crown measurement. However, I can't find it in BikeCAD. I don't see it when I click on the fork icon. Where is it?

Fork length

In the Dimensions dialog box in BikeCAD Pro you can display fork length in two different ways as described here. In addition to that, in the case of suspension forks, you can show these dimensions both accounting for sag and not accounting for sag.

Unfortunately, in the free version of BikeCAD, the dimension called Fork length (Axle to crown) is greyed out. However, as long as you know the standard fork length measurement and the fork offset you can still calculate axle to crown length yourself using the Pythagorean theorem.

Having said all this, be sure that when you are looking at the specs for your after-market fork and when you are relaying this info to your builder, that you are all using the same definition for the term axle to crown. Not everyone defines this term in the same way.

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