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How to calculate radius of wheel (including tire)

Is there a way to calculate radius of a wheel? It probably not in BikeCAD, but something to consider when designing fork / chainstay length and shape. For ex: if I know I am designing around a 650b rim and tire, how do I calculate the radius?

Determining wheel radius

I assume that radius = diameter / 2 is not the answer you are looking for.

There is some info on tire sizes here. That page discourages the notion that tire diameter or radius is something that can be calculated based on the nominal size of a given tire.

The drop-down box in the link

The drop-down box in the link you posted to doesn't work. I am guessing that the drop-down box is used to show different diameter or radius of different tires?

Standard wheel sizes

Currently, if you use the Quick Start menu to launch BikeCAD, BikeCAD will load without any standard wheel sizes. This was done to make BikeCAD load as quickly as possible for those who have trouble with Java quitting before the applet can fully load. To access the standard wheel sizes, try launching BikeCAD through the other options described here.

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