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Save or export to AutoCad from BikeCad?

Is there a way to save or export to AutoCad?

Exporting BikeCAD drawings to AutoCAD

DXF is a popular file format for importing designs into AutoCAD.

DXF files were one of the earliest forms of output available in BikeCAD Pro. Unfortunately, when I wrote the code to generate those DXF files, I did not go about it in a way that would be sustainable as BikeCAD models became more and more complex. As a result, for the past few years, as new components and options have been added to BikeCAD, that new geometry is not included in the DXF output file.

Because, basic frame designs can still be exported as DXF files, and because those DXF files are still useful to some builders, I have left the option in the program. However, my current recommendation for importing designs into AutoCAD would be to export your BikeCAD design as an SVG file. BikeCAD Pro does allow the export of SVG files and these SVG files contain all the detail of a BikeCAD model.

I don't believe that AutoCAD will import SVG files at the present time. However, there are several conversion tools that can convert SVG to DXF. One free option, I highly recommend, is Inkscape.

So that's the long answer. To summarize though... Yes, you can save designs from BikeCAD Pro and import them into AutoCAD. The free version of BikeCAD does not export DXF or SVG.

Thanks. Your explanation was

Thanks. Your explanation was quite helpful. I wish Autocad would open up SVG files. Maybe one day.

Recommended procedure for obtaining a DXF file from BikeCAD Pro

I've recently added a page describing the recommended to approach to obtaining a DXF file from BikeCAD Pro. More info here.

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