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Braze on Integrated Head Cups?

How do I set up the heatube for braze on integrated cups.

Like below, I know I can just use a standard measurements for overall length, but i was wondering if I could set it up to show the hidden piece of headtube inside the cups, and have the length tube showing and total length including part of tube inside?

Thanks in advance.


Braze on integrated headset cups

This type of setup can be modeled as a variable diameter head tube as described at: bikecad.ca/headtube_profiles. There is currently no way to distinguish a variable diameter head tube that was machined from a single tube as opposed to one that was created by brazing in a set of integrated headset cups. However, an on-screen note could be attached to the head tube to annotate this.

How about integrated headset

How about integrated headset cups on a tapered head tube, like this:


Integrated headset

Unless I'm missing something, I feel like that head tube can be pretty well accounted for in BikeCAD. You could model the head tube using the tapered head tube option: bikecad.ca/headtube_profiles and then specify the appropriate lower stack height for the headset used, I'm guessing that might be something between 0 and 2mm. If there are other changes I could make to BikeCAD to better accomodate such head tubes, I hope you'll let me know.

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