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Saving Designs locally (free version)

Hi there,

When I last worked with Bikecad Free i was able to save an XML representation of my design locally which I could then upload to do further work on. Is this functionality still available? Its important to me to be able to backup my work locally in addition to any storage of my work that is done via my account

Many thanks for Bikecad


Saving designs locally

When you save your design using the free online version of BikeCAD, a web page is created to list some basic details about your design such as model, brand, style, material, size, etc. A PNG image of your model is also displayed there. Just below the image, you will see a link pointing to the .BCAD file for your design. It reads Download BCAD file. Right clicking on this link (CTRL + click on a Mac) should give you the option to Save target as... choose that option to download your file.

At a later time, you could upload that file to the online version of BikeCAD using the Upload option. However, it would be redundant to upload that particular file as it is already in the system. To open that file, just go to the page where you downloaded it from and choose Open model in BikeCAD.

Many thanks for that

Many thanks for that

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