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Modelling Round Oval Round chainstays

Hello Brent,

I'd like to put a request on the 'to do one day' list please. I'm using a Reynolds chainstay (FX2500) and I've included top & side view photos for reference. In BikeCAD, I can control the oval characteristics of the CS, but as the screen grab below shows, without an "HT" (assuming "T" is "VT") I am unable to control the width of the CS to accurately model the chainring & tyre clearance.


This particular CS would actually need to "HT" values, it is 13.1mm at the tip, going to about 17mm at the chainring/tyre clearance point where it then becomes 22.2mm round.

In reality, the 5mm difference on the tube means there is plenty of clearance both both tyre and chainring, but the initial glance at the auxiliary view raised an "uh-oh!" so the option of being able to govern the width variation as well as the height would mean a more accurate model :)

A slightly different thought would be to have a "dimple" option to specify where along the stay a dimple would be added, with a couple of basic parameters I would imagine this could serve the modelling needs I've expressed above, but also provide those who manually create the clearance with something to model with too?

Many thanks - Robert...



Round-Oval-Round / Dimple

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to address this in a future update.

Tube Variation

Not strictly a modelling issue, but there can be some variation in the profiles of the Reynolds R.O.R. chainstays, so as a rule I pair the chainstays when they are delivered to avoid mismatched stays.


(and yes - I found this out the hard way)

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