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chainstay flush with bb

Hi all,

I would like the chainstays to be as low as possible on my frames meaning that I want the lower part of the chainstay to come out flush with the bottom of my bb. I had a look in the chain stay section but I'm not quite sure how to work it out, i realise i can fill in a negative value for E and this will lower it, but I am not sure what E stands for. mm under or above center bb?

thanks, mick

Bottom edge of chain stay tangent to BB

E is measured perpendicular to the centerline of the chain stay. You'll want to enter a negative value for E that is equal to the radius of the BB shell minus half of VF in the Chain stay dialog box. For more, see: bikecad.ca/offset_tubes

excellent ! thanks, mick  

excellent !

thanks, mick


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