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Export SVG with Stays (auxiliary view)


I would likt to export the svg but withe the auxiliary view for the Says, But it always focuses on the Frame an the chainstays will not be exported. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks Patrick

Exporting SVG or PDF with a focus on the stays

In the screen capture below, I've turned on the display of the title block so that I may achieve a border around my design. Then, I've played with the Left, Right and Bottom "Free space" fields. so that the border is focused on the chain stays.

Here are the resulting SVG and PDF files obtained from BikeCAD Pro. If you anticipate printing views like this frequently, it would be worthwhile setting up a title block template to save these settings to be applied to other designs. You could create a similar template to focus on the seat stays.

I regret that there is currently no way to print out the chainstays and seat stays horizontally if that was your objective.

Thanks That will do the Trick

Thanks That will do the Trick for me!

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