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Windows 10 problem

Hello Brent,

I've updated my PC to Windows 10. Now when I try to launch BIKECAD pro 12.5 I get the following message 'Can't extract configuration files'

I'm selecting Java Platform SE Binary to open it with.

Any ideas?

Cheers, John

Solved it! Ran the exe file

Solved it! Ran the exe file again.

Extracting configuration files

I'm glad you got things to work. I'm surprised that simply running the executable setup file again resolved things. However, I won't knock it if it worked.

If anyone else has this problem installing BikeCAD on a PC, my first suggestion would be to make sure you have not installed BikeCAD in the Program Files directory. Although that would seem like a sensible place to install a program, BikeCAD requires permission to extract configuration files in the same directory into which it is installed. Such privileges are not granted in the Program Files directory. Therefore, it is best to install BikeCAD in the location that the installer chooses by default which will be a sub directory of your user directory: C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Roaming\BikeCAD Pro 12.5.


having same problem on

having same problem on windows 10. updated java, still not working. I redownloaded the zip file twice but its still doing the same thing. It is installed in the correct  file folder. It overote the files twice. Any ideas?

Extracting configuration files

Just to be sure we're talking about the same thing, the following advice assumes you are launching BikeCAD and you are seeing the message "Can't extract configuration files" on the bottom of the splash screen.

If you access the folder into which BikeCAD was installed as described here, ideally you would see a subfolder called BikeCAD_12.5_configuration. This is the folder containing all the configuration files. The folder will not exist until you launch BikeCAD for the first time. When you launch BikeCAD for the first time, this folder should be extracted along with 37 subfolders that should be found inside it. If you see the folder, but it does not contain all 37 subfolders, I would recommend deleting the folder called BikeCAD_12.5_configuration, so that it can be created again. Anytime BikeCAD can't find this folder, it will just assume it is being launched for the first time and will attempt to extract the configuration files.

The above approach assumes that something unlucky happened the first time the files were extracted and that the second attempt will work correctly.

Failing this, I would suggest launching BikeCAD from a batch file as described at: bikecad.ca/starting_from_batch. Launching the program from a batch file ensures that BikeCAD is actually being executed by Java and not some other utility on your system.

Extracting configuration files

fixed it by making windows to only allow the file to open with java. It was associating the .jar file with winrar. As soon as I permenently associated .jar file with java priority  it worked. It is strange because winrar had .jar  selected as a file type not automatically associated with it (it was unchecked ) windows 10 seemed to decide it for itself.

Hi, I am having the same

Hi, I am having the same problem. Could you please let us know with what Java file are you associating the BikeCAD.jar file?

There are two versions of Java: 32bit and 64bit.

Within these there are a few Java executable files, such as java.exe, javaw.exe, javaws.exe, etc.

I have tried to associate the .jar with various of these files with no success.

Thanks in advance


File associations

You'll want to associate JAR files with javaw.exe. BikeCAD Pro will run on either 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Java.

I'm glad to hear you've subsequently got BikeCAD Pro running based on the info at: bikecad.ca/starting_from_batch.

Hi Brent,

Hi Brent,

i use windows 10 and bikecad 12.5, since i install the last version of bikecad, all things surround in red (on the picture) don't work, any ideas?

Dialog boxes for Display, Dimensions, Notes and Title Block

Could you be more specific about how these options aren't working? I'm guessing that when you click on the icon, the dialog box simply isn't appearing? One possible explanation for this is that you've been working with a different monitor recently which may have had a higher resolution. When you exit from BikeCAD, all the sizes and locations of dialog boxes are recorded. The next time that BikeCAD is launched the dialog boxes will return to their previous location. If your new monitor is configured at a lower resolution, some of your dialog boxes may be positioning themselves outside the scope of your current screen resolution. You can reset the position of all the dialog boxes by deleting the file: dialogs1.xml from your configuration directory. However, a potentially quicker way to resolve the issue is to use a different one of your three available display states as described at: bikecad.ca/managing_dialog_boxes,

Thanks, you are MAGIC!!!

Thank you a lot, it's working perfectly now.

You're a MAGIC GUY!!!

See you

plug in

I modified the Java control panel but cannot get BikeCAD started. Upon selecting the "Quick Start" option, a "plug in is needed to display this content" comes up on a grey screen. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to resolve this issue . Running Windows 10 with Firefox browser.



Java plugin

This question is misfiled as this particular forum is for BikeCAD Pro questions. However, I will still try to answer your question here rather than move it.

Although it sounds like you have Java installed on your operating system, the message you're seeing in your browser would suggest that you do not have the plugin activated in your browser. Here's how Firefox's "Add-ons Manager" looks on Windows 10. I've circled the relevant plugin.

Why is this so complicated???

Thanks for your fast reply. Following your instructions gets me nowhere near the plug in you have circled in the screen shot. This is the only piece of software that will not run on my computer. I've switched to Firefox browser, attempted to locate/activate the plug in with no success. Either I'm missing something hiding in plain sight or running the free version of BikeCAD is not an option for me. I'm at an impasse unless there is some other way around this issue. I'm open to suggestions.

Firefox Add-ons

I wouldn't say I actually gave you instructions on finding your Firefox Add-ons. Below is a screen capture showing the Firefox interface with all the places I clicked to get to the Java plugin. If you do not have it as an option, then you're not really dealing with a BikeCAD specific issue. Hopefully, you will find a solution at java.com or mozilla.org.

To respond to your question about the complexity of this whole process, I should explain that when I first developed the BikeCAD applet, it was very simple to run. Pretty much all browsers ran Java by default, so you didn't really have to do anything to run the applet. You just clicked on the web page and boom: there you go. Since then, more and more restrictions have been imposed on the deployment of Java applets. The latest challenge is the need to add BikeCAD.ca to your exception site list which is explained at: java.com/en/download/faq/exception_sitelist.xml. I recognize that it is no longer as simple as it once was to run the free version and therefore I am rewriting the free version so it will run in any browser without the need for a plugin. This is a huge job and I regret that I am not yet done. I'm sorry there are a few more hoops to jump through in the meantime, but please understand that I did not place those obstacles there myself.

Your help is appreciated


With some persistence and switching from Firefox to a version of Windows Explorer that works with Windows 10 I was able to get BikeCAD working! I use Google Chrome for web browsing and I thought "Edge" was the browser for Windows 10 and Explorer was gone but not so. BikeCAD opened and there was one prompt for an "add-on" approval and I was on my way. As I get to know it and use it when/if it makes sense I may spring for the Pro version.

Anyway, thanks again,


Win 10 Upgrage Prep.

I will be upgrading to Win 10 soon and wish to not loose my Bike Cad pro and it's files. I have version 11.5. It's about box shows Win 7 6.1 and Java 1.8.0_20.

What prior to the Win 10 upgrade do you suggist i do? Thanks, Andy.

Updating to Windows 10

Most BikeCAD Pro users will save their designs to their local machines. Assuming you have been doing this as well, it is always a good idea to backup your designs from time to time. Using a service like Dropbox will allow you to do this automatically. Otherwise, you can always copy your files to a USB drive, an external hard drive, or another cloud based option such as Google Drive. Thus is just good practice in general and applies just as much to any of your important documents be they spreadsheets, Word documents or photos.

There is nothing specific you need to do with BikeCAD when updating your OS to Windows 10. It should work just the same after the update as before. Be aware that the current version of BikeCAD is 12.5. I would recommend after updating your OS that you also download and install the latest version of BikeCAD. New versions of BikeCAD are not distributed as patches or something that needs to go on top of the old version. It is always the entire program. It is fine to have both older and newer versions of BikeCAD running on the same machine. However, for the sake of simplicity, I do recommend uninstalling the old version once you're comfortable with the new version. If you've customized any settings in the old version, you can copy those over as described at: BikeCAD.ca/updating_bikecad_pro.

Brent- Many thanks. I do save

Brent- Many thanks. I do save my files to the computer Docs and have both a external drive and Moxy as back ups on a regular schedule. I will wait till after the Win 10 upgrade before i deal with BikeCad. Andy

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