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Tire clearance design at bottom bracket

Does BikeCAD Pro have enhanced features beyond what I see in the free online version that allows you to visualize and design for tire clearance at the bottom bracket, seat stay bridge, and perhaps fork crown?


Tire clearance design at bottom bracket

Yes, I really should update the BikeCAD Pro page to summarize all of the enhanced features in the program. However, to quickly answer your question, BikeCAD Pro can check for Fork crown clearance as well as other things that require an auxiliary view such as the Lean angle, and Toe overlap. I've displayed a screen capture of the auxiliary view of the stays below. Note that seat stay bridges, which you would require in a non-wishbone seat stay are not currently an option, but should be included in the next update.

BikeCAD Pro auxiliary view of stays

Tire clearance design at bottom bracket

The auxiliary views are very much like I was hoping for. Thanks very much for explaining.

BikeCAD seems like a fantastic application... I'm not in the bicycle business but I am thinking about commissioning a frame and so I've become interested in your program. If I was in the bicycle business it seems like your application would be a must have tool.

I may have to buy a license just for the pure enjoyment of getting to experiment with such a nice set of design features.

Thanks very much for making the web app available to the riding public.

best regards,

Tire clearance design at bottom bracket

Hi Brent,

I've read your reply to the OP above and looked into the Seat Stay and Chain Stay config boxes, as well as the Dimensions available and still can't find a way to see what the tire clearances are, both between tire and chain- or seat-stays (i.e. side-to-side) or between the tire and bottom bracket or seat tube.

I'm still learning the many ins and outs of the software so appreciate your patience and understanding answering this.

Thanks in advance,


Tire clearance in auxiliary view

Displaying the auxiliary view of the stays as described at: bikecad.ca/stays_auxiliary_view should give you a visual indication of the clearance or interference for the tire and stays. There isn't currently a built in dimension to indicate clearance, but you can create your own using a User dimension as described at: bikecad.ca/user_dimensions.

Interference between the tire and seat tube is displayed with the Rear wheel gap dimension which is in the Frame tab of the Dimensions dialog box. If you like, you can directly control the rear wheel gap as described at: bikecad.ca/rear_wheel_gap_chainstay_length.

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