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Pin BikeCAD shortcut to taskbar, Windows 7 Pro

Normally in Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, I can add ("pin") an application [shorcut] to the taskbar by right-clicking to bring up an options window (I think MS calls this a 'Jump' window...?).

However, I cannot seem to accomplish this with BikeCAD 12.5 Pro by this method, nor by drag and drop onto taskbar which is the other method afaik.

Any suggestions out there?



Pinning to taskbar

I regret that the utility I use to generate an executable setup file for BikeCAD does not account for the option to pin the program to the task bar. I may need to switch my procedure for this task to accommodate this option. In the meantime, I trust you will be able to launch the program from the desktop icon or the start menu.

No big deal, thanks for

No big deal, thanks for letting us know!

Adding icon in taskbar or start menu

I neglected to update my response on this, but since version 13, you've been able to add an icon to the taskbar as described at: bikecad.ca/windows_10_start_menu.

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