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File corrupted while setting toptube curve

I was working on matching a toptube curve to a background image I'd imported, and went to the File> menu (intending to >Save). The program hung here, without showing the full File menu dropdown, and without a normal border on said dropdown. All then appeared to be frozen, so I minimized the window, and brought it back, only to see black screen in the drawing field, with the standard menu bar, but still frozen. 

I then shut down bcad, saved when prompted (hoping it would save the work I had done), restarted, opened ok with my default, and when I tried to open the [corrupted] file I had been working on, all I got was the default imported image dialog, with no change in the actual drawing field (eg. still showing default drawing template). 

Restarted bcad again, no dice. Restarted computer, then opened bcad, still no change.

All other files appear to be working fine, it's just this one that does not open properly (i.e. imported image dialog shows up, but drawing field still shows default from program startup).






Fixing corrupted file

For anyone curious, Tyler sent me his BCAD file and I was able to open it up inside the IDE in which I develop the BikeCAD program. Opening the file there gives more clues about the source of the problem. Fortunately, no data was lost and I was able to send back a working file. Tyler's design was a pretty unique cargo bike so it was pushing the boundaries of what I had initially envisioned for BikeCAD. I was happy to recieve this file though because it revealed an issue that I can improve to make BikeCAD a more robust program in the next update.

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