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Account for sag?

If I input "L" for a fox fork (e.g. 527 mm), travel of 120 mm, sag of 24 mm (i.e. 20% sag) and head tube angle of 69 degrees, will final drawing reflect that head tube angle at 20% sag? 


Thanks, Daniel 


Accounting for sag

Yes, the final drawing will reflect all the angles and lengths as though the fork has been compressed by 24mm. If you are curious to see what the geometry of the bike would be with no sag, you can click the lock frame icon and change the sag from 24mm to 0mm. You may need to change the number of decimal places in your angular dimension display to actually see a change. I just checked this out on a random mountain bike design of my own. With 24mm of sag, I had a head angle of 69 degrees. With 0mm of sag, I had a head angle of 67.9 degrees.

Thanks so much, Brent!!  

Thanks so much, Brent!!


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