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Edit/overwrite custom component?

I input 'custom' wheel rim and tire dimensions, and saved that particular rim and tire combination into my dropdown menu as a 'standard'.

I then realized I had the entered the wrong overall tire diameter, so I changed it and saved this as another 'standard' set, with a different name; I would have rather edited or overwrote the initial setting(s) I saved. 

I'm guessing there may be at least one way to do this, involving pulling up personal configuration data and editing it...

Is there an easier way (any way at all)?

Attachments show the two versions, with the only differences being the name, and the tire diameter value.

Thanks in advance.

Overwriting standard components

If you have an existing standard component that you would like to modify in some way, take the following steps:

  • Select the standard component (in your case, in the Wheels dialog box) then change the menu from Standard to Custom.
  • Make the required dimensional changes.
  • Click the Add to library button.
  • Save the component with the same name as you had before.
  • When prompted to Overwrite existing file click OK.

In your current situation, because you created a second part with a different name, you probably want to delete the initial standard part. You can do that in the Customize dialog box as described at the 6 minute mark in the video tutorial at: bikecad.ca/customize.

Thanks Brent, easy workaround

Thanks Brent, easy workaround. I thought about doing that at one point, but was afraid I might screw something up by naming a custom parameter set identically...makes sense it would just overwrite it though!

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