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Through-axle forks, front dropouts, and hubs

Would love to see dropout options for forks, same as we have for rear dropouts.

Also, spec'ing through-axle hubs, which would involve another hub parameter, and another fork [end/dropout] parameter.

Maybe I'm missing where this is already...?



Front dropouts

This is currently not an option, but I will definitely keep it in mind for a future update. Thanks for letting me know of your interest.

Thanks Brent, and +1 for

Thanks Brent, and +1 for eyelet parameter on front dropouts.

Front dropout eyelets

Just for the record, altough you cannot currently show the eyelets on the front dropout, you can specify the location of the front fender eyelet as described at: bikecad.ca/fenders. The location of eyelets for a front rack can be specified using dimension FX and FY in the Rack dialog box.

That's definitely useful,

That's definitely useful, thanks. I had forgotten about that.

Front dropouts

please with Eyelets


Hi, I'd like to also express

Hi, I'd like to also express my wish for front dropout eyelets, double option for fender and rack would be nice. 




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