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Extra tube visibility toggle

Am I missing this somewhere? It would be nice to be able to toggle visibility of extra tubes on/off, to compare 2 different placements or curve profiles, for instance. 

Maybe there's a workaround?



Extra tube visibility toggle

You can toggle on and off the display of extra tubes using the checkbox I've highlighted below. While it may not be obvious that this checkbox is the one that controls tube visibility, down tubes and top tubes can also be controlled with similar checkboxes. For more on extra tubes, see: bikecad.ca/extra_tubes

Perfect, thanks Brent. Maybe

Perfect, thanks Brent. Maybe next version you could add it to the visibility toolbar? Or add the visibility 'eyeball' toggle to the extra tube ('+') icon on the main tool bar...


Visibility vs. Inclusion

Although I used the term visibility myself in this discussion of extra tubes, I should clarify how I intend to use that term along with another property I'll call inclusion.

There are several components in BikeCAD which can be controlled with both a checkbox and with an eyeball icon. Examples include brakes, fenders, racks, waterbottle cages, couplers, and cable guides. The idea behind the checkbox is to define whether or not a particular elements exists on the bike. With brakes, there's a checkbox for rear disc brakes, a checkbox for rear rim brakes, a checkbox for front disc brakes and a checkbox for front rim brakes. My intention is for the designer to use the checkboxes to specify what type of brakes are going to be used and what type will not be used. Meanwhile, there is also an eyeball icon associated with the brakes. This allows one to turn off the visibility of the brakes to simplify the display. I do not mean to suggest that a bike with the display of brakes turned off does not have brakes. If the checkbox for rear disc brakes is selected, but the visibility of the brakes is turned off, you will not see the disc brake rotor or the brake caliper. You will however see the disc brake mount which is considered part of the frame.

With extra tubes, the checkboxes allow you to temporarily remove an extra tube. However, these extra tubes are considered part of the frame, so their "visibility" is controlled by the eyeball icon for the frame.

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