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Where's the Display window ?

Hi !
I just installed the 8.1 version, and it seems that the View-->Display menu entry has disappeared !
Is this a bug or a feature ? ;-)
I've tried to re-install in a new directory, with no improvement...


Where's the rider toggle?

The display window functions (if I am thinking of the same thing you are) are spread out across the top toolbar, except for the one that toggles the rider on the bike. I was just looking for that one, and I'm hoping Brent didn't accidentally remove that feature.

Display dialogue box

I did end up removing the Display dialogue box in version 8.0. As mentioned above, the icons that used to be found along the top of the Display dialogue box are now found along the top of the main window. The exception is the Rider display icon which is now found at the bottom left corner of the Rider dialogue box.

Meanwhile, each dialogue box for configuring individual components now has an eyeball icon that turns the display of that component on or off. I have heard from a few users who really miss the Display dialogue box, so I'm planning to bring it back in the next update. For now though, if you do routinely switch between different display states, for example view the bike with all the components, and then switch to a display of just the frame and fork, I would recommend setting up templates for those different states. Templates are described here.

I'm still working on documentation to describe the new features of version 8.0/8.1. If you have any questions about the new version or thoughts on future changes you'd like to see, be sure to let me know.

Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for the clarification !
I was afraid that it might be due to an installation issue...
Now I can move to 8.1 and enjoy all the new features ! ;-)

P.S: Perhaps add a little comment here ? : http://www.bikecad.ca/display_dialog_box

Display dialog box

Thanks for the reminder. I've added a note to the page about the dialog box.

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