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another head tube question

 The  design thatI am currently working on has an 8 inch head tube length. It would make it a lot easier for me if I could shorten it to about 5.4 inches. I don't see a measurement in your frame set up that allows you to change the head tube length. Did I miss something?

 I know I've asked this question before, and I'm sure you told me how to fix it but I've forgotten.


 I current project is building a 24 inch  wheeled bike that has a five speed internal gear hub and a fairly upright riding style. If I can finish this bike chances are he may actually live longer. My current road bike which I designed a program called generic CAD is almost unmanageable. I just can't get my leg over the thing.( I get hit by a car shattered both my legs broke my back.)


 You can email me at retromike3@yahoo.com Or give me a call at 971-212-1688  I live outside of Portland Oregon USA.


 Thanks for the help Michael Frye  owner Frye Bikes


Head tube length

You can directly enter head tube length as described at bikecad.ca/toptube_frontcenter. Bear in mind that if you choose to control the frame by one of the means that does not allow direct control of head tube length, you can still show the dimension on the screen and tweak the other input values until the head tube length suits your needs. If you take this approach, you may also find the video tutorial at bikecad.ca/tube_extension helpful.

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