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Change color - Always applies to background, not components.

Hi Brent

I can't get Change color to apply to components in drawings I have created, it always applies to the background. I can get Change color to apply to components in drawings i have downloaded from the Design Archive and the MyBike.bcad drawing. What am I missing. 

With thanks


Showing color in different display modes

It looks like you are not in the paint display mode. This is the only way you can show the components in color. For more, see: bikecad.ca/display_modes.

I found the toolbar option is

I found the toolbar option is called PSTYLE in Customize. The four Display modes are All lines the same, Hidden lines weaker, No hidden lines, All colors. I also needed to turn off Display problem curves.

I watched the Paint videos, this is in the Customize video.

Thanks for your help, always nice to learn something new in BikeCAD. 


Display modes

Like most elements of the BikeCAD interface, the Display modes menu can be removed by unchecking it in the Customize dialog box. I generally discourage this as removing menus only makes the program less powerful. However, for anyone looking to really streamline the interface, the option is there to remove features that a particular designer may never need.

Aside from the fact that problem curves may show up a little more clearly when not being displayed on top of paint, the display of problem curves should not have any other connection to Display modes.

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