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Entering primary dimensions

Seat tube length: I would like an option to choose a certain top tube slope instead of seat tube length. This would be useful for example if you want a horisontal top tube. 

Front end height: I suggest adding other options than stack for controlling the height of the front end. I would sometimes like to enter the headtube length in mm instead of stack. This is useful when you already have a headtube cut to a certain length. Among the choices could also be handlebar drop in relation to the saddle and/or other dimensions locking the handlebar height. 

Thanks for an amazing software!




Options for controlling front end geometry

It seems like you might not be fully aware of all the different ways you can already control the front end geometry. For more, see the video tutorial at: bikecad.ca/toptube_frontcenter.

You are right hadn't figured

You are right hadn't figured all that out. I now found the way to lock the head tube length. I now understand that there is four different pairs of parameters to specify the front end height and lenght. Easy enough! 

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